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My modelling project: PG Oleankecil

in Modelling of indonesian railways 26.03.2007 20:38
von 52_2006 • 374 Beiträge
Hello, my travel to Indonesia last september was very impressive,so in the past few monthes the decission is fallen that I will not now build a Epoche IIb/IIIa layout as many other modellists do as well. This will follow later, so it is not forgotten. As I am always interested in the 'different things', and also with the impressions of the Cuba sugar mill and the Mexico theme seen on the Dortmund model fair fair last year, I decided to do something different as well, something Indonesian. Looking back into year 2003, just after visiting the PG Sindanglaut, which now has no more steam but still had some in my visit, I already draw the layout of Sindanglaut with the backround idea to make a model in Oe or HOe. But at that time I had no idea how to make it especially the locos and the cane-loris. So I continued my idea of Epoche II/III, but without concrete layout plans, first to finish the brass kits for the condensing tender. So while my travel through the sugar cane mills of East-Java I already was drawing two layouts using Winrail while sitting in the hotel before going to bed. One was PG Kanigoro, which has a verya round layout, which could be suitable for a room of about 4x4 meters, but that was definively too big. The other was PG Olean, when recontruct the original size in H0e, it came first to 7.5 by 1.2 meters, but with tons of photos this layout was looking very promising. Back home I played the 'what happens if' game with thel layout, so in the try-and-error-method I shrinked it to 3.5 by .65 meters size.

That's it:

(The pointed line is the size of the three first modules to fit then mill layout.)

Meanwhile also the question which locos could be used is much more easier, especially since Roco has phased out the production of the HF110C in grey, so I got some very cheap.

But I'll keep only four, two of them are to be sent to TC in Indonesia. After 'javanisation' of them they might look much more like this:

Borsig 8272/1912 at PG Merican.

Or more like this O&K 9358/1920 in the fields of PG Olean.

For the future I am thinking to make also other loco models based on N-scale models, how about a Luttermöller 0-10-0 engine based on a chassis of BR 94 from Fleischmann?

Or how about a tiny Mallet based on the Zuckersusi, which is /was also available in N.

For those cane-lories behind these locos I have to build maybe 100 or more by myself, there actually is no manufacturer which has something similar, so I have already ideas for the how-to-do. Also the construction of the buildings has to be done by myself. Here some impressions of the prototypes in PG Olean.

The loco shed of PG Olean, see track plan PG Oleankecil above, letter D. Maybe I will do the architecture of PG Wringinanom for the Loco shed, that one even looks a bit nicer.

The loco shed of Olean from the track side.

This is the bagasse stock, labeled with the letter G in the Oleankecil layout. Look at that symmetric thre-way-turnout.

A view oon the machine hall with the crane to unload the cane, letter E in the layout. Just behind the loco is the office building F.

These prototype photos to give you some impressions of what I plan to do in H0e. I think this is something very special. Here comes now some pictures on the first 1:1 views of the layout. While this january I will build the wooden modules. Beside these i also have to build a fiddle yard, to be able to simulate the field lines in a first step. Later on also track modules with typical scenes are also planed, and I already was asked to have one module to attach to Fremo.

This view is from the entrance of the mill over the full length. I layed some flex tracks and turnouts on it to see if I already have enough track material.

A top view of the entrance area.

The loco shed, the block crane to unload the trucks, the wagon weightening and some waiting tracks for empty trains to exit into the fields.

The unloading area in front of the machine house.

The storage tracks.

View in the oposite direction.

Like to see more pictures of the prototypes? click here

Kondensierte und rohrzuckersüße Grüße,
condensed and canesweet greetings,

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My modelling project: PG Oleankecil

in Modelling of indonesian railways 27.03.2007 00:27
von alcogoodwin • Besucher | 1 Beitrag
Wow mate, an awesome looking project there.
I love sugarmill layouts and would certainly love to see regular progress shots.
Its great to see asian railways in layouts it is an area very rarely covered here. I have long toyed with the idea of trying a Philippine layout myself.

Keep up the great work.
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