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The self made inclined double scissor of PG Oleankecil

in Modelling of indonesian railways 11.05.2007 12:28
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In the prototype layout of the sugar mill PG Olean and in my model layout PG Oleankecil between the machine building and the stock tracks there is a suspender which allows to get loaded trucks from these stock tracks to the unloading crane in the machine buildings, and to bring new loaded trucks from the field tracks to all stock tracks over a short distance. With the suspender it is also possible to get trucks from some of the stock tracks to the crane at the same time as empty stock tracks are filled again with loaded trucks.

That is a view of the suspender at the prototype::

In the backround are the stock tracks

That is the opposite direction with the machinery building in the backround.

Here is the situation in the layout of PG Oleankecil:

The suspender in it's original version can be seen in front of the office building (F). Since I have drawn that layout I have changed the upper left tournout from a right switch to an Y-switch to be able to bend the track towards the crane more to the outside.

As the angle of the crossing inside the suspender is about 45 degree I had to build the crossing by myself:

First testarrangement of the tournouts with the copper shielded PCB, which will carry the crossing. The cut in the middle is to isolate electrically the two sided of the track. Much more of these cuttings are necessary.

A piece of track with the correct length and removed sleepers is laying down on the PCB.

Meanwhile I have done more cuts to isolate sections of the PCB and the track is soldered on some points to it. With the truck and a vernier gauge I recheck the correct gauge of the crossing all the rime.

Now the diagonal track is installed.

The diagonal track is ready, the cuts for the flanges of the wheels and some more isolating cuts have been done.

All wheel guidances have been soldered in the crossing and some two component glue has been put between the tracks, to give the PCB some stability back, as the isolation cuts makes it possible to break the pcb over the long diagonal cut. The corners of the crossings also have been filled with the glue. When the glue ist dry, Il' cut and form this glue to wheel guidances. This prevents the tiny truck wheels from falling too deep into the crossings. After that work is done, the trucks will roll very smooth over the crossing.

The crossing is now ready, the outside connections of the suspender have been installed for first rolling tests. These small trucks are doing well.

A final view with a Roco HF-110C which is already looking forward to drive over the suspender for the first time with her own (electric) power.

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