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Introduce myself

in PTKA indonesian states railway 01.06.2007 12:30
von b777 • Besucher | 5 Beiträge
Hello, everyone. Let me introduce myself. I'm Aldi Yuristian from Tangerang, west of Jakarta. I've been a railfan since I sat in primary school. Having browsed this site, I think it's a great one. Hopefully there will be more members in this forum. BTW, I have some pics I'd like to post here, but I'm not too familiar how to upload them here. Perhaps someone can help me. I'll try to post more pics and information in the future. Thanks.


Aldi Y.
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Introduce myself

in PTKA indonesian states railway 01.06.2007 16:43
von 52_2006 • 374 Beiträge
Selamat datang!

Hello Aldi, welcome here. To put pictures here is very simple. You can use for example free image hosting from www.imageshack.us. Go there and select:

1. Upload: image
2. Select the picture saved on your computer. The best is if you already resized the picture for example to 800x600.
3. It is not necessary to give them an email-adress. (by the way, it is also not necessary to sign up or log in at Imageshack.)
4. If you like to resize the picture, enable the funktion and select size. If you already resized on your computer, then it is not necessary to use this function.
5. enable "remove size/resolution bar from thumbnail?"
6. press on "host it"

It now will upload the picture and show it as a thumbnail. Then it gives you many kinds of links which you can copy to the text input field of this forum. The most simple is the one at the bottom, which is called "Direct link to image".

See the one with the blue cross, that is what we need. Some of the red crossed links are functioning as well, but not all of them. See here for details: t71987958f004-Forum.html (actually in german, maybe I'll translate soon)

Now look at the input function of this forum, you see this here:

Look ontop of the smileys, there you can see some square buttons (the picture shows the german skin, but the english is the same), there is one which shows a picture in a white frame. Press on this. A new small window opens and asks you for the URL of the picture. Just copy the blue crossed "Direct link to image" into the field. Then press Ok. In the input field you will see something like this:


Note: I have replaced the [] by () and // by \\ to make the forum display that code without executing it and showing a non existing picture. To be correct it must have [] //.

Then the picture is shown when you send your topic.

Note: Imageshack host every picture until one year after the last access to the picture. So by clicking on the topic sometimes and viewing the picture again will increase the time the picture is hosted...

Kondensierte und rohrzuckersüße Grüße,
condensed and canesweet greetings,

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