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in Modelling of indonesian railways 03.04.2008 19:33
von 52_2006 • 374 Beiträge
Some reactions from Indonesia [KM&L] Yahoo Group:


It's just beautiful! Congratulations. (comment by Tjahjono)


Very nice that this F10 model. Unfortunately, there's coupler clown model that it's not U coupler model as original parts of F10.



Wah Bagus banget (comment by Slamet)


Hi Stefan
It's great and very detail ........................... fantastic

Kondensierte und rohrzuckersüße Grüße,
condensed and canesweet greetings,

nach oben springen



in Modelling of indonesian railways 19.08.2008 23:33
von Floris • Besucher | 9 Beiträge
cool :oD
ok... haven't been here in ages, haven't done anything indonesia-related either, just some more dutch stuff. I decided to put all the indonesian stuff (at the moment only this engine) aside to finish the dutch layout I was working on (well, I barely started, but anyway) first, I don't like working on a lot of projects at the same time because none of them will be finished in the end. In the meantime I couldn't resist buying some more old mehano steam engines, to be ripped apart and turned into something indonesian some day.
I just made an attempt at taking some interior pics, but I don't have a macro-lens and it was quite hard to get some proper light in there so there's not that much to see...

furthermore I added a bit of "leaking water" on the water-tank-filling-thing

and of course some wood.

On the coupler comment: I use Kadee-couplers on all my H0-rolling stock, so I decided to give this one kadee-couplers too. It doesn't look so great but kadee's just work really well :wink:
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