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PT PN II Sawit Seberang near Stabat North Sumatra

in Industrial railways in Indonesia in general 29.10.2008 17:40
von Joachim Lutz • Besucher | 4 Beiträge
On 31th July 2008 I visited the palm oil plantations of PKS (Pabrik Kelapa Sawit) Sawit Seberang, which is owned by the PT PN II company. The factory is located about 12 km air-line distance northwest of stabat (which is 35 km north of medan). Without permission of the HQ in Tanjungmorawa (south of Medan) it was possible to have a look at the shed and the plantations, accompanied by a policeman and his machinegun we went to the plantation by motorcycle and searched for the diesel locomotive, which was collecting the palmfruits and coming back to the little factory in the afternoon. The acceptance was very friendly, even if there was a theft of palmfruits by means of a truck just a month ago. I was assured by locomotive staff and my escort, there were still two japanese diesel active on the plantations. Trucks are also used to bring palmfruits to the factory, were the fruits were reloaded to waggons and pulled and pushed by capstan and fork-lift.

I took pictures of the

D 16 II Hoku 6142-2/1985, 4wDH, HDB-6LS

The other active loco (presumably Hoku 6142-1) I did not see. As a monument still exists

6 OK 12247/1933, 0-4-0 50 HP

In the shed were the wrecks D 04 Schöma 2927/1966, D 05 (former D 13 II) Diema 4428/1980 and D 24 Schöma 4206/1977

Another till active railway is PT Socfindo at Aek Loba (south of Kisaran), and two further candidates for still using light railways are PT PN 4
at Kebun Ajamu I - II and Tolon Tiga, the exact locations are still unkown
to me.

Joachim Lutz

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